Customs the metal parts, plastic parts for our clients. The METAL process likes precision casting, sand casting, gravity casting, metal stamping, metal bending, metal extruding, metal spinning, metal powder sintering. The PLASTIC process we have injection moulding, rotational moulding and vacuum moulding. Also, we have the alu. extruding and PVC extruding service.


Q?How we work together?

Need to know detailed requirement of products, normal require drawings or samples, we will revert you with a solution.
Q?Can you provide the complete products and service?

Yes, we provide you complete products and service including casting, machining, heat treatment, packing and arrange the shipment too. It is our goal to provide you one-stop service.
Q?What benefits we expect, if we buy from you?

Cost reduction without compromise on quality.
Q?How is the quality assured?

Quality problems usually stem from production process, not from the inspection process itself. To minimize the production problem, all the parts will be inspected during every production process, and with a final inspection prior to shipping.
Q?How long does it take to get a quote?

Usually it takes two days upon receipt of the drawings or/and samples.
Q?What data should be provided for quotation requirement?

In order to make the quotation in time, please be sure to send us the detailed information of your inquired parts, including the followings:

  • estimated part weight, or actual weight if parts already exist;
  • sample products, if any exists;
  • material grade;
  • drawings with all the details;
  • heat treatment requirements;
  • surface treatment requirements;
  • estimated annual quantity;
Q?Do I need an agent to take care of the shipment?

At your request.
Q?Do you have a minimum order amount?

No. We don’t have the min. order quantity. We grows up together with our clients.
Q?Are you willing to sign non-disclosure agreements in view of protection of your customers?

Yes, to protect clients’ intellectual property rights, we will sign non-disclosure agreements upon requests.
Q?Besides casting parts, do you provide parts by other process?

Yes, our product including investment precision casting, die casting, aluminum die casting, forging, stamping, extruding parts. Also we would like to source the parts our clients need, to max. meet our clients’ requirement.