Customs the metal parts, plastic parts for our clients. The METAL process likes precision casting, sand casting, gravity casting, metal stamping, metal bending, metal extruding, metal spinning, metal powder sintering. The PLASTIC process we have injection moulding, rotational moulding and vacuum moulding. Also, we have the alu. extruding and PVC extruding service.

Rotomolding for automotive intake or motorcycle intake

Commonly the material is LLDPE, if it is close to the engine, we could choose Cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE), which can resist the temperature more than 100centi degree.

We made a lot of roto-moulding products, wish we can do it for you.

rotomolding, automotive intake, motorcycle intake

rotomolding, automotive intake, motorcycle intake

roto moulding-2

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