Customs the metal parts, plastic parts for our clients. The METAL process likes precision casting, sand casting, gravity casting, metal stamping, metal bending, metal extruding, metal spinning, metal powder sintering. The PLASTIC process we have injection moulding, rotational moulding and vacuum moulding. Also, we have the alu. extruding and PVC extruding service.


Investment Casting

Precision investment Casting: Waterglass casting, solica sol casting.


Resin sand casting, Common sand casting and Chemical sand casting.

Non-ferrous Casting

Brass casting, investment aluminum casting, die aluminum casting etc.

Hydraulic Valve Casting

Hydraulic pressure valve casting: Rexoth, Yuken series, united design casting etc.


Metal forging for Die forging process and drop forging process.

Stamping Parts

Metal stamping, extruding, stretching, machining process.


Injection, compression and rotational plastic parts.


Extruding rubber strip, compression rubber mould fabrication.

Why Us?

Proven Technology

We have the mature technology of investment lost wax precision casting, non-ferrous metal casting, hydraulic valve casting and alu. die casting etc.
We also make the forging, stamping and machining parts for our clients, to meet wide requirement of our clients.

Quality & Service

We established a sound quality management system, which is implemented in strict accordance with ISO9001 management system, control from the raw material to the final inspection before delivery.

Professional Focused Team

We have a professional focused team from production, quality control, logistics and after-sale service, so you will always be at ease from the beginning of the order process to the final.


Welcome to visiting YT casting website, we will use our high quality service to work for you.

YT CASTING is a Limited Liability Group Company, which locates in Jiangsu Province China, two hours’ trip in north of Shanghai. We have the unique geographic, human resource, technology, traffic and transportation advantages, and supply one stop industrial part fabrication service.
We have the process of percision investment casting(alloy casting, stainless steel casting, aluminium casting, copper casting, brass casting), sand casting, die casting process, we own our speciality in hydraulic valve casting series.


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